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The Reference Shelf

Welcome to the GGPWCF Reference Shelf! We hope that this section of our website continues to grow and grow and grow.....

Frequently Asked Questions
All about breed standards, diseases, behaviors, vaccinations and more
Where can I find out where the shows are and how do I enter?
Show Lists - Internet Communication
Show Pem-L- how to subscribe (now available through Facebook) from www.welshcorgi.com
Breeding Issues
Where are Your Puppies Really Going? by Joan B. Guertin
The TRUTH about Corgis Laughing Dog Press
Life Explained Author Unknown
How to Photograph a Puppy Author Unknown
Dog Haiku Author Unknown
The Value of a Mentor by Joan B. Guertin
Feeding your Corgi by Susan Strickland
Liver Brownies Author Unknown
Corgi Agility by Lisa Halop
Having Fun with Your Corgi by Joan B. Guertin
Why Tracking? by Susan Stanley
Housebreaking and Crate Training by Susan Strickland
Leash Training by Susan Strickland

*The above articles were submitted to the GGPWCF Webmaster. Some of them were submitted "Author Unknown." If you are the author, or you know who is, please contact: GGPWCF Webmaster.

We welcome your articles! If you would like to submit an article to our site, please e-mail the GGPWCF Webmaster. Although most of the Authors that you see here will be GGPWCF members, it is not a requirement.

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