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Thanks to GGPWCF for the honor of judging the Spring Match 2002. The babies always make me smile! I must admit I was a bit disappointed when I heard the total number of entries. Once we got started, my disappointment soon faded with the overall quality of the entry. There were some top level competitors in this entry. I am grateful to all the entrants for there presentation, commitment to their Corgis and allowing me to give my opinion.


Jan Sheets

Spring 2002 Match

Best In Match/Best Puppy: Wynstars on Broadway
Best of Opposite Sex in Match: Greenwood's Serendipity
4-6 Month Puppy Dogs
1 Howbout Faerie Glen Baritone - 12/04/01- Ch. Larchmont's Dream Dust x Ch. Howbout Maid of Music - Breeder: Sally Howe Owners: Linda Munoz, Sally Howe, and Joyce Gotschall- Quite the baby of the two. Plain red male baby with lots of length and easy on the go around. Clean in all directions. Plenty of bone for size. Would wish for a larger eye.
2 Greenforest Dashin in the Rain - 11/11/01 - Ch. Golden Road's Jack Straw CD x Greenforest's Serendipity - Breeder/Owner: August Ludwig- Older, well behaved sable (my all time favorite color) youngster with a very pleasing headpiece. More compact and upright both forward and behind than above. Quite the showman for his age.
6-9 Month Puppy Dogs
1 Wynstars on Broadway - 8/14/01- Ch. Hallmarks Olympian x Ch. Greenwoods Larchmont Candace Breeder: Lori Kopreski Owners: Dede Rodgers, Barbara Hughes, Mary Greenwood - Low, long and lovely balanced red and white youngster with coat and type to spare.Oozes quality and easy mover in all directions. Holds his topline on the move. One to watch in the future. Tipped the scale with his easy side gait, condition and "aren't I beautiful attitude" for a deserving Best in Match.
2 Cezanne's Red White Boo - 9/29/01 - Ch Cezanne's Card Player x Cezanne's Bright 'N Moxie - Breeder: Judy Charon Owners: Ellen & Lawrence Perlson - Nice type with a fluid side gait. Clean coming and going. Head white even too much for me who can be forgiving of white.
9-12 Month Puppy Dogs


Brnayr Double Chime - 5/26/01 - Ch. Nebriowa Double Exposure x Ch. Brnayr Wind Chimes -Breeder/Owners: Burdon Musgrave, Ann Marie Buonanno, DVM, Vicki Lubarsky - Well put together young red and white male. Sound on the go around. Correct coat. Lovely dark eye. Feet are not his best asset. Considered for a top honor. Wanted to make less of himself than what he is. With a little more "umph" he could be a contender.
Novice Dogs


Shanteroo Peter Pan - 3/25/01 - Ch. Nebriowa Triple Play x Shanteroo True Colors Breeder: MaryAnne H. NeillOwners: MaryAnne Neill c/o Kathy Rairden - Compact package. Plenty of bone. Lacked reach and drive of above.
4-6 Puppy Bitches
1 Howbout Faerie Glen Contralto - 12/04/01- Ch. Larchmont's Dream Dust x Ch. Howbout Maid of Music Breeder: Sally HoweOwners: Linda Munoz & Sally Howe - Quality baby, obviously sister to second place and 4-6 male. Must have been a very consistent litter. Preferred type, eye and head to sister below. Good shoulder and turn of stifle. Movement a little difficult to evaluate, but she had moments of brilliance.
2 Howbout Faerie Glen Soprano-12/04/01 - Ch. Larchmont's Dream Dust x Ch. Howbout Maid of Music Breeder:Sally Howe Owners: Linda Munoz & Joyce Gotschall- Another nice baby who is long and low. Good mover all around with solid topline.
3 Greenforest's Abbey Road-11/11/01- Ch Golden Road's Jack Straw CD x Greenforest's Serendipity - Breeder: August Ludwig Owner: Lila Lippow - Beautiful headed sable girl. Tabletop topline. A taller more upright picture. Presented flawlessly. Worked harder at going around the ring than those above.
6-9 Puppy Bitches
1 Greenwood's Serendipity - 9/14/01 - Ch Dwynella Take a Chance x Ch Dwynella April Love - Breeder/Owners: Dede Rodgers & Mary Greenwood - Quality girl with a face I couldn'thelp but fall for. Adequately moves around the ring. A tad low behind the shoulder on the go around. Good coming and going. Standing, she was picture perfect with good balance. Her ring sparkle made her impossible to overlook. Was pleased to award this deserving youngster Best Opposite Sex in Match.
2 Cezanne's Justa Bita Moxie - 9/29/01 Ch. Cezanne's Card Player x Cezanne's Bright 'N Moxie Breeder/Owner Judy Charon- Tri color baby with the soft face and eye. Ears could be larger. Nice bone all the way down to tightfeet. Short in body and not stretch or proportion of above. Showed like a big girl.
9-12 Puppy Bitches


Brnayr Chime & Chime Again - 5/26/01 - Ch.Nebriowa Double Exposure x Ch. Brnayr Wind Chimes Breeder/Owners: Burdon Musgrave, Ann Marie Buonanno, DVM, Vicki Lubarsky - A very well put together red and white bitch who did what was asked of her but just wouldn't give any more when considered for top honors. Not much to criticize. She has room to grow and mature and will surely be in the hunt. I would be proud to have her in my kennel.
Open Bitches
1 Brnayr Almost An Angel- 4/21/01- Ch. TallyrandArchangel Michael x Brnayr Butterfly Song -Breeder/Owners: Burdon Musgrave, Ann Marie Buonanno DVM, Vicki Lubarsky - Red headed tri.Eye could be darker for me.Good topline - Adequate coming and going. Rather shallow throughout. Might change with time.
2 Stablemate's Reba is - 6/26/99 - Ch. LS George Straight x Stablemate's Special Edition - Breeders:Cynthia Campbell x Gretchen TankOwner: Betsy Sholes - Older style red and white girl. Compact build and heavy headed. Very wide coming at you.Ok moving around the ring.
3 Rocky L. Pajama Party - 4/6/00 - Ch. Larchmont's Forte x Reeses Sticky Wicket Breeder: Lisa Halop-Freer Owners: Lisa Halop-Freer and Rachel Halop - Red headed tri looking like she was just coming into coat. Shorter body style with not much turn of stifle which did not help her move around the ring. Kudos to her handler who worked hard to make her girl look the best she can be. Keep up the good work.

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