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April 7, 2010, Hillcrest Park, Concord, CA

Many thanks to our Judges: Hancy Handgraaf (Birtwistle)
and Carol Gallagher

Puppy classes 3-4 mos., 4-6 mos., 6-9 mos. 9-12 mos.,

Obedience and Rally

Faerie Glen Touch This Glamour
breeder/owners: Joyce Gotschall and Linda Munoz

Best in Match
Best Puppy

Tromba’s Secret Agent Man
breeder/owners: Ellen and Lawrence Perlson

Best Opposite in Match

High in Trial in Match

Congratulations to our winners!

We had a potluck and lots of time to bond and gab, cuddling together under the tents in the rain! Still we had fun, as always!

Thank you, members of the GGPWCF for the opportunity to judge your Spring Match.  I was thrilled and honored to accept this assignment and loved every minute.  It seems inadequate to say the quality was excellent.  I shall consider myself fortunate to breed such consistent excellence someday.  A special thank you to Sheila Broderick for keeping  me on track and reminding me when and what to do., despite the rain.  I am wild about the glass corgi pin that I will lovingly wear at every show from this day forward.  It goes with every color I ever wear.  Simply beautiful.  And lastly, to all of the members, I wish to thank you for the friendly support, camaraderie, and good sportsmanship  you demonstrate whenever we are competing as fellow exhibitors.  I am proud to be among you.  ~ Nancy Handgraaf


471        Rocky L’s 3 Card Monty.  01-06-10.  Ch Tam’s Monte Carlo  x Rocky L Peppermint Patty.  Breeder Lisa Halop.  Owner Elizabeth Lacroix
This youngster is a real trooper.  He moved around the ring like a true showman.  Nicely proportioned with a beautiful head and expression and plenty of bone.   I look forward to his reappearance in a few months.


472        Nebriowa Zacharia.  10-19-09.  Ch Pemcader Belroyd Zodiac x  Nebriowa Veronica.  Breeder  Jennifer Snyder.  Owner: Thomas Mathiesen and Thomas Dedini. 
This red and white boy is dripping in breed type.  Nice dark eye and very sweet expression.  Nicely angled and clean moving for one so young (5 months).


473        Brnyr  Mystical Illusion.  07-25-09.   Ch Tromba’s Lets Do The Time Warp x Brnayr Mystical Dream.  Breeders: Owners.  Owners: Anne Marie Buonanno DVM and Vicki Lubarsky.
A larger red and white boy with a long elegant neck and excellent topline that he held while moving.  Clean coming and going away with nicely balanced angles.


474        Tromba’s Secret Agent Man.  004-09-09.  Ch Tromba’s Let’s Do The Time Warp x Greenwood’s Best Kept Secret.  Breeder: Owners.  Owners: Ellen and Lawrence Perlson
Another somewhat larger and darker red and white dog with a beautiful long neck and topline.  Moderate bone  and a very elegant side gait with nice reach and drive.  I was pleased to award him Best of Opposite to Best In Match.

12-18 MONTH DOG        

475        Bobke.  04-09-09.  Ch Byendebrok Tiddlywinks x Ch Golden Road’s Silver Medley HSAS CD RA.  Breeder: Rebecca Lane and Christine Johnson.  Owner:  Mark and Holly Azevedo and Rebecca Lane.
Pretty  Tricolor boy with nice fluid side gait.  Clean coming and going, but a bit high on leg today.  Lovely expression.


444        Verilo Scarsdale.  10-20-08.  Ch Nebiowa Cole Haan x Ch Shanteroo April Love.  Breeder: Owner.  Owner: Debbie Oliver and Sheila Broderick.
This very showy  and elegant red and white boy has a beautiful dark eye and sweet expression.  He loved being there and clearly loves his handler. Nice sound  movement, a bit close in the rear, but nice coming.


479        Nebriowa Inspiration.  10-12-09.  Ch Pemcader Belroyd Zodiac x Nebriowa Red Stillettos.  Breeder: Owners.  Owner: Thomas Mathiesen and Thomas Dedini.
What an eyeful.  On the down and back, just after she turned, she tossed her head as if to say, “How do I look?”  So much breed type in one so young.  A tricolor girl with everything you want.  She was very nearly my BIM and BP.  She was just getting a bit tired toward the end.  She is specials material, I think.


483        Faerie Glen Touch This Glamour.  09-22-09.  Ch Larklains Rogers Magic Marker x Ch Faerie Glen Touch This Bliss.  Breeder: Owner.  Owner: Linda Munoz and Joyce Gotschall.
This red and white girl has the face of an angel.  Beautiful sweet expression and so typey with graceful movement  and presence.  I couldn’t resist choosing her for Best in Match and Best Puppy.

481        Brnayr Mystical Moment.  07-2d5-09.  Ch Tromba’s Lets  Do The Time Warp x Brnayr Mystical Dream.  Breeder: Owner.  Owner: Anne Marie Buonanno DVM and Vicki Lubarsky.
This pretty red and white girl is long, low with a very expressive and sweet, feminine head.  Nice fluid gait and nicely balance angles.  She was strongly considered for first in her class.

482        Cypress Piping Hot.  08-07-09.  Ch Pinemeade Fool Proof x Cypress Call Me.  Breeder: Owner.  Owner: Jan Sheets.
This tricolor girl is well balanced and moves cleanly coming , going and from the side.

484        Faerie Glen Foxy Lady of Rusthue.  09-25-09.  Ch Faerie Glen Drifan Grand Design x Faerie Glen Shawna.  Breeder: Linda Munoz and Joyce Gotschall.  Owner: Joan Tucker Delucci and Ronald Delucci.
This lively red and white girl was a handful for her handler today.  She has a sweet expression, but was a bit high on leg.


486        Tallyrand Jonquils and Tulips.  04-26-09.  Ch Tallyrand No Greater Love x Tallyrand Twinkling Of An Eye.  Breeder: Lois and Joseph Zelinski.  Owner: Anne Marie Buonanno DVM and Vicki Lubarsky.
I love this girl.  Nice, feminine breed type.  Wonderful reach and drive for one so low.  She has so much promise.  A bit soft on topline today, but I wish she were mine.  


487        Brnayr Love Is In The Air.  02-14-09.  Ch Tams Monte Carlo x Ch Brnayr All That I Am.  Breeder: Owner.  Owner: Anne Marie Buonanno DVM and Vicki Lubarsky.
Tricolor girl with beautiful, feminine breed type.  Very sound and clean moving with excellent reach and drive and level topline.

488        Hylane’s Moonlight Serenade.  04-09-09.  Ch Byendebrok Tiddlywinks x Ch Golden Road’s Silver Medley CD RE HSAs.  Breeder: Rebecca Lane and Christine Johnson.  Owner: Rebecca Lane.
This lovely sable girl has an exquisite expression.  Similar in many ways to first place, but a bit higher on leg today.  Very promising which made this  class difficult to judge. 


454        Verilo South Beach.  10-20-08.  Ch Nebriowa Cole Haan x Ch Shanteroo April Love.  Breeder: Owner.  Owner: Debbie Oliver and Sheila Broderick.
Elegant and feminine tricolor girl with a beautiful long neck.Expressive dark eye, fluid movement and a delight to see.  Today, she tested her handler.

OPEN BITCH                    

490        Nebriowa Veronica.  11-23-06.  Ch  Nebriowa George Clooney x Ch Nebriowa Veracity.  Breeder: Owner.  Owner: Thomas Mathiesen and Thomas Dedini.
This red and white girl is the picture of the standard.  Her proportions are excellent.  .Feminine and sweet ideal head with expression plus.  She is clean coming and going, but a bit soft in topline on the go around .  Not surprised to see that she is the dam of the 4-6 month tricolor girl # 479.  I love them both. 



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