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Show results at the GGPWCF 2007 AKC Agility Trial!

6th Annual All-Breed AKC Agility Trial, Elk Grove, CA,
June 23 & 24, 2007, sponsored by the GGPWCF

was a roaring success! Our Judges Kera Holm & Debbie Wheeler were INCREDIBLE!

Congrats to High Point PWC winners "Fern" and Beverly Morgan-Lewis for the second year "running!"

Fern & Bev MACH2Prez Deb & Bev with Fern

"Fern" and Beverly Morgan-Lewis

We had a total of THREE MACHS at our trials this year
including our very own "Fern" and Bev!

Mercy with Linda Knowles Ted and Pat

"Mercy" with Linda Knowles & "Ted" with Pat White

Congratulations to all; see you next year!

Trial Results: [Sat][Sun]

Left-over ice provides a boatload of fun for these tired but happy Corgis...


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