The GGPWCF is the oldest regional affiliate of the
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America
The GGPWCF is an AKC Licensed Club


Contact Us About Rescue

Welcome to the Golden Gate Rescue Page and thank you for your interest in either applying for rescue or making that difficult decision to surrender your dog.

If you are applying for a rescue there is a downloadable application you can fill out. We strive to place the right dog with the right family, so please keep in mind this is not always easy.

If you are considering surrendering your purebred corgi to us (unfortunately we do not accept corgi mixes) here is what you can expect. The first thing to expect is that it may take a day or two for our rescue coordinator to get in touch with you because of a very hectic work schedule. Please don’t let this discourage you from placing your beloved dog with us. Once you have spoken with the coordinator and have decided to entrust your corgi to Golden Gate, you will work with the the rescue coordinator to schedule either a drop off or a pickup.

After we have your corgi the next step if needed is a vet check, vaccines, spay/neuter if needed and treatment of any health issues. We only adopt out healthy dogs because we want them to live a long happy life with their new family.

Once we know that your corgi is happy and healthy the next step is a temperament check for the dog. We do this because we only want to place dogs one time with their new families, therefore it is critical that we know what kind of personality the dog has so that we can determine the best possible family for each dog. For example, we need to know if the dog is good with children, other dogs/pets, will it need to go to an only dog home with adults, is the dog food aggressive...all of this is critical in finding a new forever home.

When choosing the new forever home for a corgi that has been surrendered, we have the adoption application that all potential adopters need to fill out and we encourage you to review. Additionally we spend time interviewing the new family on the phone so we can find out what type of dog would fit best in their home. The process may seem a bit tedious but it is critical in finding the right dog for the right family.

Golden Gate Corgis will always take back any rescue that we have placed in case circumstances ever change and the family can no longer keep the dogs. We always want what is best for all dogs that have had their care entrusted to us.

Everyone has different life events and making the decision to surrender your dog is a huge decision. Hopefully this helps you with the difficult decision to surrender your corgi so that it’s next forever home can be found.

If you are looking to adopt or surrender a rescue please fill out the form below.

Adoption Requirements: Please download, print, complete BOTH forms to return to the Rescue Committee.

Rescue Agreement

Rescue Application