The GGPWCF is the oldest regional affiliate of the
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America
The GGPWCF is an AKC Licensed Club


Membership in the GGPWCF

The club's meetings are open to non-members and offer an opportunity to become familiar with the club and its members. Membership is open to all persons at least 18 years of age who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of the GGPWCF. To apply you need to read the Constitution & Bylaws, sign the Code of Ethics, fill out and sign the application, and have it endorsed by two club members. BOTH the Code of Ethics and Application MUST be signed and included. Email the Corresponding Secretary for the location of the next meeting.

Club Membership List

Please note this list of members does not represent all of the members of Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers. The members listed here can be contacted to find out more about the breed, breeders with puppies, along with activities such as agility, herding, rally, obedience, tracking, scent work & therapy dog work to name a few. Members may access a complete membership list in the Members Only section.

GGPWCF members are required to abide by the club's Constitution & By-Laws & Code of Ethics. Even though the following are members of the GGPWCF, in no circumstance does the GGPWCF, its officers, board members or members guarantee or warrant their services, validity of breed information, or the quality or health of the dogs which may be purchased from breeders who are members of the GGPWCF. 

Pembrokes at Crufts
(Photo shared by a GGPWCF member with her American-bred and English-bred Pems "across the pond!")

Sharon Berry – Cross Creek

Sacramento, CA
phone: 916-515-1751
email: Sharon Berry

Renee Broden – California Dreaming

Roseville, CA
phone: 916-765-9186
email: Renee Broden

Sheila Broderick – Verilo

San Jose, CA
phone: 408-930-8660
email: Sheila Broderick

Ann Marie Buonanno – Brnayr

Livermore, CA
phone: 925-449-3339
email: Ann Marie Buonanno, DVM

Judy Charon – Cezannes Corgis

Oakdale, CA
phone: 209-318-9556
email: Judy Charon

Laura Craig – Westridge

Jackson, CA
phone: 209-263-1474
email: Laura Craig

Audry De Bard

Merced, CA
phone: 209-769-7244
email: Audry De Bard

Tom Dedini – Nebriowa

Sebastapol, CA
phone: 707-794-0278
email: Tom Dedini

Julie Ferguson

Gold River, CA
phone: 916-635-2036
email: Julie Ferguson

Lisa Halop – Rocky L

Shingle Springs, CA
email: Lisa Halop

Ricki Hamilton

Angles Camp, CA
phone: 209-559-1228
email: Ricki Hamilton

Terry Hansen-Mitchell – Pinemeade Registered

Marysville, CA
phone: 530-308-3663
email: Terry Hansen-Mitchell

Kate Hudson – Crimson Clover

Turlock, CA
phone: 209-505-1735
email: Kate Hudson

Joan Jensen – Martindale

San Francisco, CA
phone: 415-474-4498
email: Joan Jensen

Vernon & Kathleen Jettlund – Rock Street

Santa Clara, CA
V-phone: 831-588-9064
K-phone: 408-393-1293
email: Vernon Jettlund
email: Kathleen Jettlund

Christine Johnson - Golden Road

Auburn, CA
phone: 530-320-0426
email: Christine Johnson

Melanie & Breena Koons

Auberry, CA
phone: 559-355-2524
email: Melanie & Breena Koons

Gina Lorenzi

Turlock, CA
phone: 209-277-8434
email: Gina Lorenzi

Vicki Lubarsky – Brnayr

Livermore, CA
phone: 925-519-0755
email: Vicki Lubarsky

Cheryl Luce – Gwyndolyns

Guinda, CA
phone: 530-363-6033
email: Cheryl Luce

Tim Mathiesen – Nebriowa

Sebastapol, CA
phone: 707-794-0278
email: Tim Mathiesen

Sami Meyers – Pinemeadows

Rough & Ready, CA
email: Sami Meyers

Cheryle Morrison – Shady Oaks Ranch

Aromas, CA
phone: 831-801-1857
email: Cheryle Morrison

Debbie Oliver – Verilo

San Jose, CA
phone: 408-438-0912
email: Debbie Oliver

William Passaretti – Kingscote

Santa Rosa, CA
phone: 707-546-4330
email: William Passaretti

Ellen Perlson – Tromba

Cotati, CA
phone: 707-338-9849
email: Ellen Perlson

Kathy Runkle – Caleb

Lompoc, CA
phone: 916-402-1132
email: Kathy Runkle

Diane Sager

Austin, TX
phone: 512-917-6275
email: Diane Sager

Don and Valerie Sawhill

Wake Forest, NC
phone: 539-313-8039
email: Don and Valerie Sawhill

Dennis & Patricia Seifert – Caamora

Tehachapi, CA
phone: 925-297-9110
email: Patricia Seifert

John & Kathleen Shannon – Wyndfall

Milford, OH
phone: 513-965-8873
email: John & Kathleen Shannon

Dean & Jan Sheets – Cypress

Prescott Valley, AZ
phone: 707-246-0046
email: Jan Sheets

Collen Stone

Marysville, WA
email: Collen Stone

Shannon Stone – Foxlair

Marysville, CA
phone: 530-632-3082
email: Shannon Stone

Robin Taylor – Wildwood

Suisun, CA
phone: 707-344-0048
email: Robin Taylor

Winston Thomas – Cambrian

San Mateo, CA
phone: 650-533-9979
email: Winston Thomas

Dawn Vargas Smith – Linvar

Folsom, CA
phone: 916-549-4223
email: Dawn Vargas Smith

Samantha Williams - Terpsichore

Bakersfield, CA
phone: 661-472-2617
email: Samantha Williams

Elisabeth Ann Wood – Corgi Camp Kennel

Marysville, CA
phone: 530-743-6967
email: Elisabeth Ann Wood

Jan Yaroslav – Oakbar

Chico, CA
phone: 530-586-1608
email: Jan Yaroslav